Where do we come from?

On http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com/2019/03/physics-with-bjorn-cosmology-and.html the physicist Bjorn Brudberg asks us to consider the Big Bang theory and the concept of the expanding universe:-  

Once I asked Google –  “What was before the Big Bang?”

I received a number of answers.   The one that intrigued me the most was the idea that the Big Bang emerged from a singularity.   This singularity was the last remaining trace of a previous universe.   This previous universe had gone through a period of expansion after its creation from its own Big Bang.  After eons of time the energy released during that Big Bang dissipated and the universe that preceded ours began to implode back in upon itself.   Eventually all that remained was the singularity that eventually exploded in the Big Bang which released the energy which birthed our universe.   In time this energy will expend itself and our universe will implode.  It too will become a singularity that will, at some point, explode in another Big Bang.   A new universe will then come being.

While I may not have grasped the finer points of this concept I was struck by the similarity between it and a Hindu creation story that is recounted in the Upanishads, an ancient text compiled around 800-200 b.c.   Once again I may not have grasped the finer points of the story but as I understand it goes like this:-

When the god Brahma breathes out, all life comes into being.   When Brahma breathes in all life ceases to be.   When Brahma breathes out again life comes into being once more.  All existence is Brahma breathing in and out, in and out, in vast cycles of time and no time.

Are Brahma and the singularity one and the same?   Perhaps it is that our universe is part of a an endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth.





Living alone I’ve become used to the patterns of nights where the wind in the trees shushes and the ocean roars in the distance.   The possums are a nuisance when they crash land on the roof after jumping out of the trees.   I don’t like their growling but then  I’d dislike it no less if there was someone to complain to about it.



prompt:  https://dversepoets.com/2019/02/04/haibun-monday-solitude/

Time for a quest

new horizonEarlier this week I explained how so  much of the creative work I’ve been putting on this blog is really only reworkings of ideas I’ve expressed before.  I’m starting to bore myself – and quite possibly, my readers.

Combined with the facts that my internet connection drops in and out and that the battery in my laptop died yesterday blogging is becoming harder  for me.  Typing words letter by letter with a stylus on my tablet is tedious.   Most of my photos are locked up on my laptop as well so I have limited photographic material to play with.

Getting the laptop working again will have to wait till the new year.

So all in all, a blogging break is in order for me.   Again and again. I am coming across the idea that the way forward into our collective future is to find new stories.  I am at  the stage of life where I need to find new stories in my own life too.        Growing older and moving into the third stage of life I find this culture is not providing me with models of aging that sustain me.  The medical model of age as a disease is sickening- literally –  the cultural idea of denying and/or defying age doesn’t work for me either.   Of course bodies age and interests change – that is the way of life.  The idea of retiring to play golf and bingo bores me witless.   There has to be more fulfilling ways to age.  Jung’s process of individuation interests me – what is it and how do you do it?   I want to find out.

To find new personal stories that sustain me and to find new creative stories to tell I need to retreat  to the places where stories are born – the  imaginative, meditative realms  of dreams where  archetypal figures roam.     For me,  such quests are best taken alone.

Thank you for reading and following my blog.    I have enjoyed our conversations.   I will probably return to blogging at some future time but for now wish you a happy holiday season.