Glowing realities

There’s all kinds of glowing going on down here right now from a Christmas extravaganza at the local theme park to, would you believe it, an augmented reality suite that opened in the new shopping mall this week.  Long time readers of this blog might remember me lamenting the cutting down of trees to make way for this mall earler this year.   Now the trees are long gone and the mall opened this week.  I haven’t been there yet but read in the local paper that as well as the augmented reality suite where you can “experience a fun, interactive and immersive look into the 21st century world entertainment”  there is a 6m outdoor screen with surround sound and a glass roof where they are going to screen movies and major sporting events.  In the same paper I read nearly 6 million tourists came to this area in the past year so I am sure the augmented reality suite will be well used.   All this super hyped  glowing is making me wish for that cabin off the grid even more.    I’ve expanded the dream to an off griid cabin in a community of liked minded others -ah if only wishing could make it so.

For those who prefer their reality un-augmented here’s some natural glow.  I took this photo in the nature reserve opposite the new mall.   It seems to me that as 2020 approaches we are facing the choice – just which reality do we want to inhabit.




9 thoughts on “Glowing realities

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  2. I enjoy your augmented and unaugmented reality question…I am fighting back the thought that nature may make the final choice…augmenting reality in her own way…I do agree that this is the kind of question that is well worth considering as we each make choices in our lives.

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  3. It would probably be an interesting exercise to pop in and have a bit of a squizz … just once. Especially if you go with a like-minded friend. It’s a view of human nature at its … hmm … I dunno … overweening perhaps?


    1. No doubt I will go to the mall. It has the closest Aldi for a start. I wont go to the augmentted reality suite but will be sure to hhear all about from my family. One of my daughtters loves technology and can go on Facebook on hher watch!

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