Abstracted thoughts

Sometimes, particularly in December, I find life gets too much.   Out in the world it’s all go, go, go.   The shopping mall car parks are packed full of huge 4WD vehicles while inside their owners buy, buy, buy.    All to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’ or one I heard the other day in the supermarket ‘This is the most wonderful time of the year.’

It is?   I beg to differ.   I find the whole thing just a little overwrought and somewhat fraught.  Easier to let it go and take time out to meditate.


The mind though just won’t shut up.   Concerns and worries rage around trying to find some resolution that just is not forthcoming.   What to get x for xmas?   etc. etc.

Let it go, relax – well try to anyway –


Then of course there is the issue of xmas day – who is coming this year?   How many family members are now trans or agender or gender fluid?   I’m losing count.   Perhaps I will become ‘agender gran’ and wear a  T shirt, cargo pants and a flannelette shirt.   I’ll buy them at a second hand store – it’s more eco friendly that way.

While I’m at it I’ll move to some hidden cabin made from environmentally friendly bamboo.   There I will live off the grid.  Quite possibly I’ll totally forget its xmas and that I have a family for I will be living solely on higher light and not be concerned with worldly things at all.  I’ll just let all that float right away.


Meanwhile back at the ranch  –

I’m still plugging away at novel writing.  I’ve decided it’s kind of like building a house from a plan drawn on the sand as the tide’s coming.   I never really know if I’m doing it right or if it’s any good or even if it’s structurally sound.


prompt:  https://pilotfishblog.com/2019/11/30/lens-artists-photo-challenge-74-abstract/

… “go “Abstract.”  Feel free to go beyond the traditional realistic image of an object, scene, or element.  Take a photo of anything that catches your eye and allows you to express your artistic view of the world.”

12 thoughts on “Abstracted thoughts

  1. Photos are beautifully tranquil and substantial -they seem to have a mysterious other dimension.

    I couldn’t agree more about December insanities. We down-keyed the season many years ago, although my 20 year old granddaughter wants to up-key this year. I’ve put her in charge. I’ll have a house full but my obligations are minimal. There’s a chance that fire will abort everything anyway. There’s a huge one raging just up the coast – it’s moved from Braidwood and jumped the Prince Highway. And that’s part of the craziness – all our idiot PM can say is “Watching cricket will be a comfort.” Not “Blimey. I’d better do something radical about climate change.” Thank goodness we can still seek solace in nature – the beach, if not the bush.


    1. How terrible about the fire at Braidwood. I hadn’t heard about that one. ScoMo is an idiot – I agree. To suggest people watch the cricket on TV when there is a bushfire up the road is beyond insulting.
      The climate issue is becoming so intense now. That’s why I keep plugging away at my book. I don’t know what I think it’s going to do but it does make me feel I’m doing something.
      The weather is crazy right now. While the fires burn in NSW we are having something called The Southern Annular Mode. What that means is that we are getting wintery weather. It snowed on Mt Hotham yesterday. Down here today it’s very cold and very, very windy. I’ve noticed when our temperature drops to a day time of 14 the fires and temperatures north of the divide are at their worst. It’s very odd.
      I hope the Braidwood fire is bought under control very soon and that you get some rain.


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