Sometimes a fantasy

It’s been a slow week for book writing – my NaNoWrite efforts stalled as I back tracked into technical ideas about structure and underlying themes.

By Friday afternoon I was sick of going round in circles so I went bush at the local nature reserve.   Out there on my own  I let myself slip into a fantasy where I became the main female character in my novel.    I slipped out of my own reality and let myself dwell awhile inside the story I am attempting to write.   Walking along beneath the trees I started to get glimpses of the bigger picture.  dsc_0375-01-1481028924.jpeg

My novel (set around 150 years from now) begins with my main character walking through an environment devastated by climate change.   She is on a quest to find signs of hope and the seeds of renewal.

At first she is overwhelmed by everything she sees.   All seems hopeless:-wp-1574418334210449887579.jpeg

As she journeys further she meets people who are working to regenerate the land.  Listening to them and learning of their way of life she begins to think that all is not lost after all:-


She sees some wonderful things and meets some inspiring people but it seems that, deep down, everyone is like her – they all know something is missing but they can’t quite put into words what it is:-wp-1574418171640-1481028924.jpegHer quest continues.   She meets new people and experiences new ways of living in harmony with nature.   Slowly it comes to her – what she has been seeking all along has been ways to become re-enchanted with the natural world.   What has been missing is a magical connection with life in all its myriad forms.


– all photos in this post have been digitally enhanced using the apps Snapseed, Pixlr and Photo Editor.



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