Into the mythic

Out past the houses the land falls away into a steep gorge. The local urban myth has it that a strange  cat like animal lives down in depths hidden in the dense undergrowth. Speculation suggests that the animal is a thylacine. 

The last thylacine died in captivity in a Tasmanian zoo in the 1930s yet sightings are frequently reported both on the island of Tasmania and along the southern coast of mainland Australia where I live.

Walking out to the gorge last week the weather was cold and wintery. As the misty weather swirled around me I was inclined to believe the legends are true.


I thought I saw one once and wrote a haibun about it on an old blog I no longer have. I will search for it tomorrow and reblog it. For now I’ll post this Youtube vIdeo someone posted of filmed evidence

12 thoughts on “Into the mythic

      1. I bet you’ll find some little nuggets there – something that can be worked from a new angle perhaps. I can’t get out of my head Margaret Atwood’s current ad for her online writing course. She suggests a new starting point for retelling Little Red Riding Hood. ‘It was very dark inside the wolf…’ Oh to have a brain that thinks so tangentally, though I guess it might be helped along if I actually tried to practice it.


      2. I did see that ad on Facebook but was pre-occupied with family matters and didn’t pay attention. What a great prompt. I’ve been thinking of doing another online course – I have joined one that is run by a woman I know but it isn’t really stimulating much for me. I’ve looked and looked at courses on offer at local Neighbourhood Centres but nothing appeals. A Margaret Atwood course would certainly aid with thinking tangentially. It would be very dark inside that wolf… Maybe I’ll go back and search Facebook for that course.

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