Accidental deleted comments

I have been having with trouble with WordPress since I changed to the Block Editor. I seem to have accidentally deleted comments when I was trying to answer. Now I can’t figure out how to recall them. My apologies if you have left a comment which I have not replied to.

btw – my latest blog post is fictional. I was trying to write something that had an allegorical quality to it but I appear to have failed dismally in my efforts – ah well – such is life – you win some, you lose some.

See you on the flip side.

14 thoughts on “Accidental deleted comments

  1. Why should it matter that people thought autobiography? The experience was the same. I was doubtful: I actually googled Paradise to see if there was such a place. However we read it, it had a kind of numinous quality that made the word “quest” spring to mind. Definitely not a failure to my mind.

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    1. It would be good if there was a place called Paradise – particularly if it had a door into the wilderness! Thanks for your kind comment. It’s much appreciated.


    1. I find I disappear them completely from my Trash file too – particularly when I’m on my tablet! It’s a complete mystery where they go. Sometimes I think I’m getting past this blogging caper! 🙂

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  2. Or if you look in the spam file they may be under ‘trash’ and you can restore them. There seems to be a ‘hot key’ – possibly ‘T’ that if you strike it as you’re replying, WP instantly deletes the comment. Most annoying.

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    1. I’m finding it easy to accidentally delete comments accidentally – particularly when I’m on my tablet. Sometimes when I try and reinstate them they fly off into internet void – maybe I hit that ‘hot key’. Sometimes I think I might be getting too old for all this blogging caper! 🙂

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