The tree of life

I got a little Bluetooth keyboard to use with my tablet so that I can post stories despite my the demise of my computer.   It’s not ideal for I can’t figure out how to copy and paste images such as the wonderful image of the tree with exposed roots that Sue Vincent has used for her latest writephoto prompt –  Here’s my response to the prompt though I will have to use my own photos:-


Looking back the tree couldn’t say for sure when it had become aware of itself.   It had been a gradual process.

For ages it had the organic consciousness that all the tree in the forest have – that interchanging of information about weather and soil conditions – beyond that though – nothing.  The clear felling of parts of the forest and the reduction of habitat for the forest animals sent continual shock waves through the tree which may have prompted the initial leap into self awareness.

As the forest reduced in size humans were able to penetrate deeper in.  When they discovered the tree with its intricate exposed roots they took countless photos which they posted on social media.   The way the intertwined roots splayed out across the embankment led people to call it ‘The Tree of Life.’    A kind of cult following grew on the internet and people began to visit the tree to hold ritualistic ceremonies beneath its spreading branches.   The tree wondered if this veneration also contributed to its evolution of consciousness for it now stood alert and aware of its place within the larger world.

As the tree awoke so too did the other plants in the forest.   The animals were also evolving along a similar path.    As the forest and its denizens grew more sentient an awareness grew within them that it was clmate change that was driving their evolution now.   As the world got hotter species of insects humans were barely aware of became extinct.   As a result birds had less to feed on and had fewer young.   That meant there were less birds to spread the seeds of berry bushes.   Fewer berries meant less butterflies and so on and on it went through all levels of the forest’s ecology.

As these effects became more noticeable humans started waking up to the fact that it was their actions that were causing this fundamental change in the environment.    Those that came to venerate the tree now came with greater intent.   Their rituals were more focused and they sought genuine connection with the tree’s consciousness.

Warmed by their attention the tree opened up to them.  As the people slipped into deep communion with the tree many expressed deep grief at what was happening across the planet.  The tree felt their pain and opened even further to them.

As the heartbeat of the people slowed and they became more in tune with the natural pulse of life that surged through the tree their grief gave way to something new.   A greater understanding of the place of humans within the ecosystem of Earth began to awaken within them.

“We are the children of Earth,” they murmured to each other.   “We have a role to play as caretakers of the planet.   We have to find more sustainable ways of living that do not exploit the earth’s resources to satisfy our own greed.”

Some people left then to return to the cities and start action groups.   Others stayed on and journeyed even deeper into nature consciousness.   “We are part of nature,” they said, “and nature is part of the larger cosmos.   Everything is interconnected.   The old indigenous cultures know this, the Taoists once spoke of this and the old Mother Cultures once understood this.   We need to listen to these voices yet we also need to use our technological advancement to invent new ways of living on the planet.    Everything is changing – the seas are rising – the storms are increasing in intensity – it will be some time before the climate stablizes even if we take drastic action to halt climate change from this point on.    What is needed now is clear eyed resilence.   The future will about the survival of the most adaptable.”

The tree whispered its acknowledgement of these ideas in a gentle shaking of its leaves.

DSCN8725-02_20160509182825591 - Copy-01


31 thoughts on “The tree of life

  1. May it so be, even if we do not all know trees’ awareness (though some of us get a feeling and a sense of it, and some know even more) … that we at the very least realize the interconnected reality of all things, of all life, of all molecules — we are, or have been, or will be, all there was and all there is. Well done!

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  2. Well done Suzanne. Slow down and listen – then we learn to live.
    I like that you are using a Bluetooth keyboard. I’m thinking I might go the same way and write on my tablet when I’m having a coffee.

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    1. Hi Jim. The Bluetooth keyboard I got was cheap so therfore it’s very clunky and makes my fingers sore. I will use it sometimes when I feel the need to do longer posts but I think I will mostly do photo based posts for a while. A more expensive keyboard might be better but personally I find a stylus works best. You can get them for a few dollars in some discount stores.


  3. With or without Sue’s image, this was an interesting and optimistic post, Suzanne. I continue to live in hope that people will start to worry about our planet and actually find a way to help it.


  4. Alli Templeton

    Beautifully written piece, Suzanne, and so topical. You should send it to the government! If only this would really happen, A lovely idea, and a great read. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Alli. The current Australian government doesn’t believe in man made climate change. They’d ask me if there was a way to make money from the tree. 😀


      1. Alli Templeton

        Oh dear. That soumds like ours. So very short-sighted though. There needs to be a change, if you’ll excuse the pun, at grass roots level. 😊


  5. That’s a lovely photo, Suzanne. Sadly, I don’t think the mass of us humans will ever be enlightened, either intellectually or spiritually. The inhuman forces of nature will shape us eventually, but it will be a painful process.

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  8. A beautiful post, Suzanne and I truly wish more people would see the way forward…Trees like that are highly revered and worshipped here they are called spirit trees or Holy trees and very societal however it doesn’t extend to cutting back on the plastic those mountains keep growing but slowly the tide it is changing …Thank you for the follow 🙂

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