The light of truth

Yesterday we Australians learnt the Catholic priest, Cardinal Pell has been found guilty of child sex offenses.   The nature of the offenses that convicted him were explained carefully on the TV news.   The evidence presented revealed the man to be extremely perverse.

This morning I saw a News item which claimed some Catholic Priests have been involved in the sexual abuse of nuns.   I have no idea if these claims are true but I hope there are investigations into them around the globe.

A piercing light
revealing hidden abuse
– truth triumphs

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39 thoughts on “The light of truth

  1. Alas both are true.
    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Pedophilia isn’t about sex, but about power, exploitation and control.
    For a superior (in position, not morality) to abuse a nun (who effectively cannot say no, either), isn’t about sex, but about power, exploitation, and control.
    The Church as a lot to make amends for not only creating the conditions for such pervasive abuse, but also for hiding it, justifying it, minimizing it, silencing and shaming the victims, and oftentimes literally allowing it.

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  2. There is nothing, nothing, the Catholic Church can do to make up for the untold damage around the world it has done for its entire existence. If there was any honour among the Cardinals and the Pope they would disband the entire thing and live a life of poverty for the remainder of their existence. Alas, they’re not quite that honourable.

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    1. Yes. Years ago I heard a psychic prediction that the Catholic Church would fall in the 21st century. I am wondering if current events are the beginning of the process. Certainly the power and influence of the church is now being questioned by many.

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  3. In this case the truth had to be forced out, kicking and screaming. Many Protestant denominations are also finally admitting to years of abuse from religious leaders. Many will go unpunished though, and the Church will continue to hide behind its dogma. But at least some are being removed from positions where they can do further damage…(K)

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    1. Cardinal Pell went to jail yesterday. His conviction has rocked many people over here and is making them question church dogma – the church’s attitude to homosexuality for one thing.
      Yes, I agree about many different churches being found guilty of child sex offenses against both boys and girls. Over here the Anglican church and a Jewish school teacher are also being held accountable for their actions. I hope these investigations and others across the globe continue to expose abuses.

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  5. I really hate to disagree with you, but I do not see truth as having triumphed yet. Surely, it has illuminated, bringing the need for more investigation and more more criminal charges, but the victims are still victims, and it is their lives that have been ruined. Truth cannot cure that. It probably does not even ease the pain.
    I cannot remember the first time a so-called Christian leader was first accused of a sex-based crime, let alone convicted, but it was a long time ago, and none of the churches involved have truly suffered for allowing it. As much as I too would love to see them fall people are just too trusting, and too accepting. As long as it wasn’t them or their children it cannot be truly real.

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    1. That’s very true. Pell has gone to jail over here but there is an appeal. Weirdly top conservative politicians are coming out and giving him character references. Many people are wanting the Pope to defrock him but it seems unlikely.
      I totally agree about the victims. It isn’t so much a victory as some kind of recompense. Of course the damage has been done already – lives lost – childhoods ended abruptly – years of depression and sometimes addiction as a result. It’s all so awful.
      Healing is so slow in coming.
      Over here in Australia the news of Pell’s conviction is have a big effect. Many people are beginning to question the church and some are leaving.
      Of course there needs to be much more done to expose these pedophiles. Also the damage the Catholic Church did to countless girls and babies in the laundries where unmarried mothers were placed.


      1. Here in Canada, and even in the States, there is a great deal of evidence that priests guilty of sexual offenses against children and teenagers were not kicked out of the clergy, but quietly moved from parish to parish until they themselves left the priesthood. What went on behind closed doors we may never know, but it is obvious the higher-ups knew about the offences and tried to cover them up. I presume Australia was no different, nor was anywhere else in the world.
        These people who are giving good character references, are they hiding their own perversions? Why else would they be defending the indefencible? By the way, did the Cardinal accept his guilt like a human, or did he plead “Not guilty!” like the guttersnipe he really is?
        I cannot believe all the Catholic churches (and others) have not been burned down, but still they stand, proud edifices to the “glories” of gods.


      2. I like the idea of the people giving character references as hiding their own perversions. One, from an ex Prime Minister was read out in court when Pell was sentenced – it came from John Howard the man who led our country into an alliance with America and the UK in the first Gulf War. Apparently George Pell is a personal friend. I think in this case Pell was particularly good at hiding his perverse behaviour – he is a Cardinal and was, until very recently, the man responsible for looking after the financial wealth of the Vatican.
        He is appealing against the sentence and still says he is not guilty.
        Yes we had the same thing here. Before going to Rome Pell was the Archbishop for the State of Victoria where I live. He personally saw to that really bad pedophiles were moved from parish to parish. The worst of these was convicted of many terrible crimes against young boys but died before he could go to jail. Pell is said to have walked in on him when he was abusing a boy but did nothing and simply walked out of the room. We will never know the full extent of the what really happened.
        The same kind of thing happened in the Anglican Churches too though there were more offenses against girls as far as I know.
        I hope these matters do eventually bring down the churches and that their wealth is distributed among the poor. An idealistic hope to be sure but maybe it will happen sometime in the next 50 years.


      3. It is a nice ideal, to have all their wealth spread amongst the poor, but I doubt their true wealth will ever be known, or located. Anyone put in charge of it would probably skim so much off the top little would reach the pockets of the poor. The already rich would have their hands out saying they deserve to be recompensed before anyone else, and they would have receipts going back decades of their generosity, even if they were not of whatever religious flavour was being torn down.
        Oh, I am a horrible cynic. But when it comes to religion and greed, I always expect the worst to be first.


      4. You are cynical. One thing I noticed when I was travelling in Spain was the incredible wealth on display in the Cathedrals. In Seville there is a room full of golden crowns inlaid with rubies, emeralds and pearls. They are inside glass cages alongside other religious regalia. When I was walking through there I kept thinking that it was all Incan gold stolen from Sth America, melted down and remade into the stuff I saw. The crowns were called things like “the crown of Jesus”. There was also heaps of really incredible art from past centuries.
        In my fantasy (which may take some time to come to pass) the world has moved on from the rich 1% oppressing the rest of us. In this ideal world all are equal regardless of race, class, gender and mental and physical abilities. Like I said – it’s ideal 🙂 I hold it as a possibility.


      5. As much as I hate goals, that is basically one of my goals for life on this plane. We are all equal, though probably at different points in our journeys. And that goes gor all forms of life, not just humans.

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      6. Yes, that’s true about all forms of life – though sometimes I think dolphins and whales are a lot smarter than me. I agree about us all being at different points on the journey.


      1. Oh I am so sorry to hear that. Terrible troubles in childhood do sometimes lead to wisdom (as in your blog name). I have followed your blog today and look forward to reading more of what you write. The abuse in my own childhood with more about family violence and mental illness.

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