Why do I write?

Charles French asks on his blog Reading and Writing – “Why do you write?”

The question reminds me of a digital image I made ages ago.   I used to have it on the About Page of my old blog and have been meaning to put on About for this blog – it’s one of those jobs I think of randomly in the middle of night then forgot about in the morning.   I’ll do it now:-


Somehow in writing  my thoughts become clearer and I really nail those scattered fragments of ideas that rattle round my brain and emerge in disconnected moments of insight.   Often it is only when I write things down in a coherent, ‘b’ follows ‘a’ fashion that the meanings I’ve been struggling to grasp become clearer to me.


A lot of the writing I do is about communicating.  I’m one of those people who finds it easier to express ideas through the written word rather than through speech.  These days most of my writing takes the form of blog posts but occasionally I get it together to make some kind of e-book.  The last one of these I created is available as a free PDF https://beinginnatureblog.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/a-bend-in-the-road.pdf




14 thoughts on “Why do I write?

  1. I’ve downloaded your e-book before: I meant to tell you at the time – it’s a beautiful book. The next step is to make them available for sale.
    I agree that writing down all those scattered thoughts have served me well at times.

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    1. Thanks for your support. I just felt like giving my work a plug in response to this prompt as everyone else responding to the prompt was doing the same. I think this particular offering will stay as a freebie. There isn’t enough of it to warrant the time spent in publishing it online. 🙂


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