Imbolc and Lughnasadh

Hot night
not quite sleeping
not quite waking
the ocean roaring
a ringtail possum
laughing/growling maniacally
outside my window

It’s imbolc I hear
– an old celtic festival midway
between solstice and equinox –
a cross quarter day.

What does that mean
down under
where the Wheel of the Year inverts

They say
that makes it

Imbolc is feminine – yin
Lughnasadh is male – yang

Australia in summer
yang, yang, yang
Everything is bright, hot, light,
outward looking

Where does that leave us
of celtic descent
and introverted inclinations
living here in Oz?

we seek to go within
yet the sun calls us out

In and out – all at once
Imbolc and Lughnasadh
rolled into one

The masculine and feminine
seeking some way to come together
-to act and to reflect
all at once


20 thoughts on “Imbolc and Lughnasadh

    1. I love the poetic flow of your comment. That’s exactly what it does feel like – the ancient songs of the soul. What a lovely expression. I think I’m just going to have to copy that into my journal. 🙂

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    1. Wish it was art work. It’s actually a photo of rock pool in a mountain stream. I kind of art work I guess but I’d love to paint like that. You’ve given me an idea. I was just standing in my garage wondering if there was any way I could paint in the back corner. I think I’ll make my project for the week making a mini studio in the back of the garage. Thanks for the inspiration.

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      1. Hélène - Willow Poetry

        Actually the photo looks like a painting. It would look like this with watercolor on yupo paper, and a big of pen work. That’s what I thought it was.

        It is clever photography Suzanne.

        Studio space in the garage sounds great for Oz. Here in my country my paints and fingers would freeze in mid air.


      2. Thank you for that advice Helene. What is yupo paper? I am not familiar with the name.

        The garage idea might not work here either – it’s heading for 39 C here today. Under a tin roof that’s mighty warm. The garage here doesn’t have a door and dust blows in so it’s a clutching at straws idea! It might work for undercoating.
        Working in watercolour and with pen and ink might be where I’m being called to go right now. I had a meditation recently where I kept seeing a line of coloured ink bottles for no reason I could easily discern. Thanks for your suggestions.

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      3. Hélène - Willow Poetry

        That does sound like a message dream, ” a line of coloured ink bottles”.

        Here is a link for info on Yupo paper…it is extremely smooth, watercolours and acrylics flows in wonderful patterns. You have to be careful though because of the smooth texture, once your painting is complete it is best to cover with glass as it erases off the paper easily if you pass a finger over it. Extremely fragile.


    1. Thanks Meg. My poems seem a bit ‘workmanlike’ or is that ‘workwomanlike’ to me at present. Communicating seems to be happening through a miasma. Slowly I beginning to break through and get back into a more creative flow.


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