Inside a tree



As I sat beneath the spreading branches of the ash tree in my yard I wondered what it would be like to go inside – to find a little door hidden in the shadows and slip in.   Of course I’d have to be like Alice and have shrunk but details aside, what would it be like?

Would I slide down into the roots and plunge deep into the Earth or would I rise with the sap and sigh and sway with the leaves in the wind?

It was then I felt myself sinking.   Not into the tree but into deep reverie. My feet planted on the grounds seemed to be growing roots.  Earthed I was, grounded in my physicality, my body.

The wind in the tree top grew louder and I raised my eyes up to the branches.   I saw the ragged scar of an ancient wound where a large branch must have sheared off in a storm long ago.  I looked higher still and saw that the crown of the tree had once been pruned out.  Thick branches now terminated abruptly.   Just below them thinner branches had sprouted and now reached skyward.   Some were so spindly they hung from the tree in tangled curves of dying wood.   Others were strong and healthy and flung themselves out away from the trunk into the clear blue of sky above.

In that moment my mind merged with the beingness of the tree and I felt myself both planted in the ground and soaring upwards – transcendental yet of the Earth.   Solid yet ethereal.   Enduring despite the scars, the sometimes brutal experiences and the dreams of growth that had not survived.   Going on anyway – finding new ways to be and ways to grow despite setbacks.

I felt then the presence in the heart of the ash – strong, benevolent yet detached.  So old now and having seen so much – a grandmother of a tree – a wisdom keeper.

Gently, oh so softly, the tree released me and I came back into my human form.   The sound of a truck bumping and roaring along the highway pulled me back into my own time and place.   Like the wind in the tree tops I sighed.   Endure, I thought, despite all the chaos and drama of life, find new ways to be – keep on going.


42 thoughts on “Inside a tree

  1. Beautiful. The journeys into trees are precious. Children travel them. Sometimes we are allowed in as adults. What a lovely experience, and thank you so much for sharing it with us. Trees are, indeed, keepers of great wisdom. Na’ama

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    1. Thanks Na’ama. That’s interesting what you say about children journeying into trees. My autistic grandson loves trees. When he was little he would sit them in them ages with a faraway look on his face.

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      1. Yep. Exactly what I meant! The ‘how’ may be different but I am certain some children ‘sense’ the energy of trees and ‘commune’ with them.
        Like a little girl I know who’d had long conversation with a tree in the forest. Normally quite talkative, she was quite taciturn about sharing what they ‘talked’ about. “Tree stuff,” she’d shrug. “Sometimes I say hi to the fairies.”

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      2. Saying hi to fairies – that reminds me of some little girls I’ve known. These days I find the fairies are more reserved – they don’t talk to me so often but occasionally they fly into my art work. I met the ash tree fairy that way last week. You’ve made me think there might be a blog post in there. I’ll have to ask the fairy though. 🙂

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      3. 🙂 Yep, that girl I know had told me that fairies are nothing like their depiction in cartoons … but are “sometimes grumpy” and that they “don’t wear stupid clothes, only fairy clothes.” Apparently the latter are sometimes invisible though fairies don’t appear naked in the way humans would. They are fairies, so ‘duh!’ ;:)

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  2. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    Amazing experience Suzanne. Entering the very core of the tree, self within, a prized view given to you of all the hardships, yet, there stands the old ash tree, tall, rooted into the earth, branches and leaves dancing along with the wind.
    No matter what, with your heart in the right place, you continue your journey having gained this much more wisdom.
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational experience, journey into the self.

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    1. It’s funny – I’d just spent hours trying to make a collage of a little door into a tree (like in your image). It wouldn’t come together so I gave up and went and sat under the tree instead. The post is about what happened next.

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      1. Yes, it was strange. I fell into a kind of trance I think. Yes, the tree – my guru while I live in this house. Not always accessible – sometimes as a remote as a guru up in the Himalayas who has taken a vow of silence. Occasionally I’m allowed access. 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed this piece immensely. Thank you for taking us along on a wonderful journey into your imaginations and observations. I especially like the positive take at the end – to endure and to find a way to live life amidst all the craziness. Great job.

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    1. It was strange – I was working on an art piece about the tree but couldn’t get it to work properly. I went outside and sat under the tree and fell into a kind of daze. I’m beginning to think it’s a magical tree and I’m not one to use the word magic lightly.


  4. Yes, we endure. A lovely adventure my wise friend.
    Hope your new year is shaping up nicely.
    We are in a bit of a polar vortex today. Winter is full on – I am looking forward to spring. 🙂

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      1. When they were out in AZ it got to 110 F or 43.3 C…that’s just too hot for me.
        Give me mid 70’s F or 21 C maybe even 10 degrees more and I’d be good.
        I’ve got four almost equal seasons though were I’m at – so I’ve got to take the good with everything else.
        It’s actually 13 F or about -10 C with light snow at the moment. So I think the super cold vortex has passed. 🙂

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