Aging as a spiritual journey – part 2

I spent yesterday finishing my art journal on aging as a spiritual journey.  I realized I could have done more blog posts on this but they would just be compilations of other people’s ideas.  Instead I copied ideas that resonated with me into the journal.   If you want to follow up on any let me know and I’ll send you a link to the source material.

Here’s the completed journal page by page.   As you can see some pages have been altered but the journal never did get any neater.   If you missed the post about how I constructed it you can find it here


You can find my other posts in this series  here and here

24 thoughts on “Aging as a spiritual journey – part 2

  1. Wonderful to see your spiritual journal reflecting on aging. Love the words, “Curiosity keeps our minds active.” Just wondering about the repetition of certain pages. Is that for effect or flow?

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    1. Oh sorry Olga. You must have visited the post when I first posted. I didn’t realise that happened – I loaded some pictures the night before then doubled up and loaded them again the next day! Must be an age thing 🙂 Hopefully I’ve fixed the problem now but I’ll double check. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

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  2. Love this journal, thank you for sharing. The depth and vibrancy in the colours you chose enhances the strength of the message, I think. I particularly like the comment about aging as a descent of the ego. As we age we can let go more and more of the “certainty” that fired us in our youth and we begin to realise that the only “certainty” is change! That change can be positive if you want it to be, and that ultimately is your message of creativity and “curiosity”. Stay curious, Suzanne, it brings great joy.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Jim. The descent of the ego is very much where I’m at right now. You are quite right – change is the only certainty. Seeking the positive the process is very much what motivates me. Thank you for your support and wise words.

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  3. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    You have been very active on this journey Suzanne. So much has been done in your journal in a short time. Your symbols on each page are fascinating. I love the one titled “Journey”. All symbols on that page speak to me. Thank you for sharing your completed journal with us.

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    1. Hi Helene. I did push this journal through to completion quickly because I really wanted to explore ideas about aging that resonated with me. It was a true quest for answers – not sure I’ve found them all yet – still on the journey… Maybe that’s why you found the journey page powerful. Thanks for your in-depth comment. I appreciate it.

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      1. Hélène - Willow Poetry

        This journey never ends, we discover newness all the time, thought it is there, suddenly it pops right into our face. Have fun on your journey Suzanne.

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    1. I did finish this journal quickly. Sometimes they take me years. With this one I really wanted to clarify my own thoughts about aging for I am over being treated like a geriatric just because my hair is fading to white.

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