The Yin and Yang of Self

A challenge on really got me thinking – ” week 1: Story Telling: Self-Portrait (take a picture that tells us who you are, without actually showing your face).”

I let the idea roll around my mind for a while as I got on with household chores.   As I worked I started thinking about duality – yin and yang, light and dark, negative and positive and how this plays out inside my being.   I decided to find a photo that represented this and also the way in which focusing on light and consciously calling it into my being helps me become more balanced.


If you are curious the photo is of rain pouring out of leaking guttering.  I took it from inside so the white dots are actually raindrops on the window.  The white mist is an added extra my camera mysteriously contributed.




20 thoughts on “The Yin and Yang of Self

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