Climate Change Summer

January in Oz and the temperature’s rising.  Hordes of tourists gather on the coast.  The beaches are covered with their gear – surf boards, paddle boards, boogie boards, jet skis, sun shelters, deck chairs, bright towels and clothes.   They say it’s fun.

On the roads cars crawl bumper to bumper through dusty roadworks – highway duplications designed to bring yet more tourists to the coast.  Abutting the roads new housing estates are being constructed for those who desire a permanent sea change.    Shopping malls too.  Today in my neighbourhood residents are advised to seek alternate routes for a mass clearing of trees is taking place on the main road.  The clearing is to make way for another vast shopping mall.

In the mall constructed last year babies bawl and toddlers scream with rage as they are denied the toys and sweets they were showered with at Christmas.

They call it fun,
progress on steroids
– it’s getting hotter.



44 thoughts on “Climate Change Summer

  1. hot and humid in Asia too and the beach is a fun place to be. your haibun reminds me of a song about cutting down trees and building malls. more crying children in cool artificial comfort while outside nature is sacrificed for progress. wonderful haibun from Australia.

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  2. Beverly Crawford

    My Oz friend, who lives in Perth, remarks often about the climate change. I like the term “Progress on steroids”. My farmer father used to say “One day everywhere will be paved!”

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    1. I can see where your father was coming from as more and more farming land is subdivided and turned into housing estates. Maybe Aussies are feeling the effects of climate change more than some other parts of the world. Whereabouts are you?


      1. mmm – I think hearing about more trees being cut down tipped the balance for me. I’m staying home for a bit now. Life out in the world is wearing me out.


  3. I couldn’t cope with all the heat, traffic and crowds, Suzanne. The shopping malls sound like hell. That’s all good reason to stay away from the January sales over here in the UK – except for the heat. Progress on steroids sounds just about right to me.


  4. So sad to hear of the mass murder of all those trees in the name of “progress” more malls to take away the trade from the “what was once desirable” Main Street shopping where sole traders were forced out by the undercutting of multi-nationals and centres of towns left to die as people shopped in the air conditioned sameness of these malls. Though in the heat of summer those shopping malls do offer welcome respite and ease of parking and I have to admit I do prefer to shop in them for basic supplies.

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    1. Yes the tree felling was sad. At least 50 were felled to make way for a huge shopping mall. I agree about the malls on the Gold Coast being a great place to hang out when the weather is really hot and humid. One of my favourite days out when I lived on the north coast of NSW was to take the bus through the mountains to Tweed Head mall.
      They are convenient places and no doubt I’ll shop at the new one sometimes when it is constructed – being a 21st century human is complex and contrary isn’t it!

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      1. Living off the grid appeals to me but I think it works best in a supportive community – being young and fit would also be an advantage. I guess you’d still need to go and shop in malls sometimes though!


  5. Our local council just rejected a development application for a honking great residential/commercial ‘complex’. They wanted to build it on farmland, which incidentally is also a floodplain. We’re also on a fault zone so one good quake and all that lovely riverbottom mud will turn to quicksand.
    There’s an awful lot of insanely desperate self-obsessed greedy people who’re trying to ignore climate change, and hoping that by the time it affects them, they’ll be long gone with their millions. Sooner or later though, it’ll catch up with the rich too.

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    1. Yes, I think their days are numbered but I do get upset when trees are felled. Someone posted a video on a local news site – at least 50 trees were felled yesterday! Over here there seems no stopping the developers. The Government has decreed this area is a ‘growth corridor’ so it’s no holds barred at present.

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    1. That’s interesting about shops closing down because of Amazon. We have the same thing here so I’m not sure what this new mall will contain. All I know is it will hold 2 or 3 major supermarkets plus 150 specialty shops!

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