Time for a quest

new horizonEarlier this week I explained how so  much of the creative work I’ve been putting on this blog is really only reworkings of ideas I’ve expressed before.  I’m starting to bore myself – and quite possibly, my readers.

Combined with the facts that my internet connection drops in and out and that the battery in my laptop died yesterday blogging is becoming harder  for me.  Typing words letter by letter with a stylus on my tablet is tedious.   Most of my photos are locked up on my laptop as well so I have limited photographic material to play with.

Getting the laptop working again will have to wait till the new year.

So all in all, a blogging break is in order for me.   Again and again. I am coming across the idea that the way forward into our collective future is to find new stories.  I am at  the stage of life where I need to find new stories in my own life too.        Growing older and moving into the third stage of life I find this culture is not providing me with models of aging that sustain me.  The medical model of age as a disease is sickening- literally –  the cultural idea of denying and/or defying age doesn’t work for me either.   Of course bodies age and interests change – that is the way of life.  The idea of retiring to play golf and bingo bores me witless.   There has to be more fulfilling ways to age.  Jung’s process of individuation interests me – what is it and how do you do it?   I want to find out.

To find new personal stories that sustain me and to find new creative stories to tell I need to retreat  to the places where stories are born – the  imaginative, meditative realms  of dreams where  archetypal figures roam.     For me,  such quests are best taken alone.

Thank you for reading and following my blog.    I have enjoyed our conversations.   I will probably return to blogging at some future time but for now wish you a happy holiday season.


18 thoughts on “Time for a quest

  1. Well Suzanne as you love hearing what I think, here goes. Are you just fed up with the technical world and trying to get that stupid computer to work or are you interested in moving forward with what you have to say. At the very least can you do one more blog explaining what you mean by the third stage of life and exactly what models of aging don’t sustain you…….. and how do you hope to find new personal stories that will sustain you. Is this a physical adventuring thing rather than a mental journey. I really do like your blogs. Just wondering.


    1. That sounds very aggressive but it will play on my mind if I don’t answer.right away. 1. The technical problems are a secondary issue. They arre frustrating – that is all. 2. Of ccourse I am genuine. 3. Third stage of life – a reference to the later years from a woman’s perspective. I refered to this in a previous post. It can be seen traditionally for females aa moving through the stages of maiden, mother and the grandmother. It could also bbe, youth, workiing life, retiirement or. Childhood, aaduulthood, later years. 3. The aging models that don’t sustain me – re read my post for them. 3. Personal stories that will sustain me — you will have to wait till I find them and blog about them. I will be reading old myths and legends, some psychology, some stuff on spirituality to mention just a few sources – one thing leads to another I find on quests like this. I will be walking alone in nature. Meditating. Journaling and making art. It is mental, emotional and creative journey with some physical components.


      1. You’re right Suzanne. On re-reading the tone did sound a little aggressive. I apologize for that, I am a little on the blunt side. I wish you nothing but peace and contentment in your exploration of old myths and legends and being one with nature…….and looking forward to future blogs on your discoveries.

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  2. Hi Suzanne. Sometimes a forced break from the internet is the best medicine. It’s happened to me and it works. Blogging in particular and the internet in general sucks one in. I’m at it as we speak! Even though meaning to do much less of it.

    Enjoy your time away from the cyber noise. Please come back with this same blog else how will we find you again?

    Much regard. Petru.

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  3. Only you know what you need best for your peace of mind and creativity, Suzanne. Blogging is not the be all and end all, as you well know, so have fun exploring whatever it is you need to nourish your soul and allow your imagination to flourish. By the way, I too refuse to be defined by society’s ideas of aging. Mostly I find, as an older woman, that I’m ignored by people in society. I’m irrelevant. But, I refuse to submit to that idea. Have a wonderful new year, and may you create many new stories!

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  4. I’ve had an image on my bathroom wall for years. It shows an old woman wearing old woman garb and the dark glasses of the blind, with a handbag in one hand. She’s throwing a frisbee with great energy with the other. As for invisibility. So what! It has advantages. I changed into my swimmers on the beach yesterday without screening and without any attention being directed my way. Immersion in the ocean was my goal and I let nothing stop me!!!

    I too am tired of old stuff and looking for new directions for 2019, in between prancing around the world: I’ve probably got five months blocked in being elsewhere, so I’m looking for portable projects with tentative end-points, so I’ll know roughly when I get there!

    I wish you a peaceful season and delicious creativity. I’ll see you when it’s right for you to return.

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    1. Hi Meg. I agree about the invisibility. I no longer care about that for I am finding the people who do respond to me really ‘see’ me on a deeper level. Your plans sound good. Portable creativity is something I’m into right now too. I am working on making little art journals that can be held in the hand. I will blog about them when I am further down the track with them – maybe mid Jan when my laptop is fixed. Have a lovely Christmas. ❤Suzanne


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