Towards the new year

So much of my creative energy during this past year has been spent reworking old ideas and finishing up old projects.  I haven’t been able to fully move on from them even though they have ceased to nourish my creative spirit.

Although events in my outer life have shifted I’ve been feeling stuck between the old and new.   Mid year I moved to a cottage in a part of the State I haven’t lived in before.  Although I’ve been out and about seeing new sights I haven’t really engaged with this new environment.  In private moments I find myself wishing I could go to the empty beaches and bush tracks I walked for so long and which are now so far away.

On lonely beaches
drumming in the solstice
– windswept prayers


Such a strange contrary urge for the old area had gone stale for me and doors were closing in my face left, right and centre.   I was totally ready to move on…

yet here I am – still not fully embracing the new.

Yesterday I got utterly sick of doing the same old same old.   During a break in the rain I jumped in my car and drove out to a nearby seaside town.   It is a town rich in history.  The streets are lined with beautiful old Victorian mansions and there is an atmosphere of grace and elegance to the place that is missing in many Australian towns.

Several galleries are dotted along the main street.   I visited one after the other.   In one I saw exquisite prints local artists had created in the printmaking studio behind the gallery.    In another I saw very commercial art that didn’t appeal to me yet was inspiring in its competence.   In the third I came across an exhibition of contemporary landscape painting.  Very small oil paintings in one uniform size lined a long wall of the gallery. The rest of the space contained one large painting, the gallery owner’s desk and a large storage area.

Walking the length of the gallery I stopped in front of each painting.   Because of their small size each little painting invited intimate inspection – a slowing down and taking the longer look.    By the time I retraced my footsteps and left the gallery I felt I’d had a meaningful and soulful conversation with a sensitive, creative soul.

In a reflective mood I returned to my car.   Rain was approaching and the first drops splattered across my windscreen as I drove to a lookout.    There I pulled out the new Smart Phone I got last week.   It was time I figured out how to take photos with it.

IMG_20181215_161456_278  The colours of the rain soaked landscape and unusual shapes of the old buildings captured my imagination.


The visual art I’d just seen had loosened something in my mind and the veil of the old that had been clouding my perception began to lift.   For the first time since moving here I began to get glimpses of how I can live and create in this new environment.

Moonlit solstice
lighting the way forward
– the old year ends




39 thoughts on “Towards the new year

  1. I have a cupboard of unfinished projects, they make me, occasionally, feel guilty. But still I keep on starting another project. I think my new year mantra should be “ finish what you start” pleased to hear you are starting to find your place in your new home, always takes time.

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    1. After writing that post I had a good look at what I was thinking I needed to finish. Some of it wasn’t really going anywhere so I threw it out , some only required a little bit of work to finish and some I just shelved for another day. 🙂 It felt good to clear to start clearing the decks.

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  2. This is so interesting to me, because I know these feelings you speak of. I get so bored and uninspired by the place I call home, and I feel I have no creative inspiration unless I’m away from it. I love how you managed to find inspiration just by getting in the car and exploring something new nearby, and also stopping to enjoy the small paintings. I love your haiku too.


    1. Thanks Cathy. I am always impressed with the epic journeys you undertake. I used to do such things but these past few years they have been beyond because of health and finances. There’s a part of me that’s craving getting back out onto red earth country. I’m really hoping I can do that next April/May. Meanwhile I’ll keep visiting quality art galleries and enjoying your photos of the desert.

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      1. Sometimes we just have to take care of our health and financial well-being, Suzanne, and travel is just not in the cards. I’ve had many periods in my life where it’s been like that for me too; it just so happens that now the stars are aligning. I think visiting art galleries is always inspirational. 🙂 And there are many possible artist dates close to home. I always love to read, so that can keep me occupied for a lot of time!

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  3. I think we crave what is familiar when we’re feeling a bit … outside our skin, even though we know that its time was done. Kudos to you for changing what needed to be changed. 😀 … that first photo of the storm over the, lighthouse, is it?, is spectacular! 😀

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    1. Thanks for your wise words Widdershins. That explains a lot about how I’ve been feeling.
      Yes the photo is of a lighthouse – it’s called The Black Lighthouse. One of my missions in the new year will be to get closer to it and to find out why it’s black.

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  4. It’s been a repetitive theme in your last few writing, trying to let go of the past and moving towards the future. We all need that rest, to recharge, in between projects. Looking forward to how you will create in your new environment Suzanne.


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