A light appearing

prompt:   https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/2018/11/01/reenas-exploration-challenge-week-61/    Here is a complex thought for you to decipher. Choose a part of it, if you so desire, and use it as an inspiration to write your piece.

In the immensity of consciousness, a light appears — a tiny point which moves rapidly and traces shapes, thoughts, and feelings, like a pen writing on paper. And the ink which leaves a trace is memory. You are that tiny point and by your movement the world is ever re-created.

 Sri Nisargadatta, I Am That

My recent illness left me unsure and uncertain as my creative direction.   (I wrote about this here)  For the past few years so much of my creative energy has been expended creating images and poems on the computer.  For quite a while I’ve been feeling like I want to get back to more hands on work but I haven’t been able to find a way into it that inspired me.  While I was sick the feeling grew even stronger.

When I first came home from hospital I was too sick to do much but note that these feelings were growing stronger.   It’s only been the past few days that I’ve been starting to think that I might actually do something other than watch TV.   Going through my art making supplies and sorting through my stash of art papers I kept thinking I’d like to make to some handmade journals but I had no idea what I’d put in them.

In the months before I got sick I moved house.    The garden where I now live is dominated by a huge tree.    When I moved in late winter the tree was still bare (I live in Australia).   While I was in hospital spring sprung and by the time I got home the tree was covered in a spreading canopy of lush foliage.


It’s an enormous tree and everyone who visits my place comments on how beautiful it is. Many people ask what kind of tree it is but I haven’t been able to tell them.    It wasn’t until this afternoon that I finally began to wonder if the internet could help me identify it.   I found an online site where you can identify deciduous trees by their leaves and quickly discovered the tree is a North American Green Ash.

“In the immensity of consciousness, a light appears — a tiny point which moves rapidly and traces shapes, thoughts, and feelings, like a pen writing on paper.”

I had some vague idea that Ash trees were important in Celtic mythology so that led me on another search of online information.    It wasn’t long before I discovered the Ash is a sacred tree in many cultures and the World Tree of Norse Mythology.  Suddenly a wealth of information, ideas, legends and stories opened up for me.  One idea that appealed to me was the Ash Fairy –

“The Ash Fairy is androgynous and ambiguous, carrying great mysticism and power and making many connections: between this world and the Otherworld, between masculine and feminine, and between differing ideas. The ash fairy understands that problems are rarely solved on the level at which they were created.” http://www.thegoddesstree.com/trees/Ash.htm

A couple of weeks ago when I thinking about healing I first read the idea that problems are rarely solved on the level at which they are created in a book by the Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss.   This idea  led me to some deep meditations and healing visualizations that really helped me pull myself out of the daze I was in.   To discover that the fairy associated with the ash tree carried a similar message appeals to me.  Lately I’ve been spending time every day sitting in the shade of the ash tree in my garden.   Every time I sit there I have a sense that the tree holds some special kind of healing energy.

As is the way with internet searches one link led to another and I found myself reading post after post on a fascinating blog https://druidgarden.wordpress.com/
Many of the posts are illustrated with drawings from the author’s own journals.   There are also posts describing the druid’s approach to creativity.

The ideas about the  connections between spiritual practice, nature and creative expression really resonate with me and correspond to many of the ideas about creativity that I explored when I was deeply involved in writing haiku.     Somehow though today’s internet explorations and the energy of the ash tree in my garden have lifted me into something new – some tiny spark has been ignited and I begin to see to my way into new creative expression.    My ideas are moving rapidly and I’m sure it won’t be long before a new art journal begins to take shape.




23 thoughts on “A light appearing

  1. Welcome to the Exploration Challenge, Suzanne!

    Thanks for taking us through your journey! It comes at the right time, as I toy with the idea of learning Zentangle art.

    This line from the quote especially appealed to me “The ash fairy understands that problems are rarely solved on the level at which they were created.”.


  2. Reblogged this on Reena Saxena and commented:
    “The Ash Fairy is androgynous and ambiguous, carrying great mysticism and power and making many connections: between this world and the Otherworld, between masculine and feminine, and between differing ideas. The ash fairy understands that problems are rarely solved on the level at which they were created.” – by Suzanne


  3. Loved the post. I too endeavour to spend less time on the computer to rather do hands-on work. Due to modem issues I was forced to be offline for about ten days – it was really good! Glad you’re better. I think it was Albert Einstein also who said the same thing about problem-solving. A timely reminder for a situation I currently am in.


    1. Not so much better as getting better – apparently getting over the weakness of pneumonia can take quite a while 🙂
      It is good to spend time off line I agree tho I am drifting back into spending too much time on the blogs again – probably because I can’t do much physical stuff at present. Good luck with your hands on stuff. I got out the pencils today then put them away again! Good things take time – hey 🙂


  4. Yay! Now you have North America (well, the tree, but we have Ash right in the park not far from me …) as a neighbor, and in a way, have a little immigrant fairy with you, too! 🙂
    I have found Carolyn Myss’s work to be informative. Especially in “The Creation of Health” (with Shealy) and in “Why people don’t heal and how they can”, as well a in “Anatomy of the Spirit” (not all her books speak to me in the same way but these three had).
    And … yes, we cannot solve a problem from the same level it was created. Or we’d just stay at the bottom of the well, looking up, and hoping to be out.
    I’m glad for your renewed purpose–wherever it takes you.
    And may the fairies – complex, mischievous, nudging-in-some-direction, provocative sometimes – manifest more clearly to you. One thing is pretty sure: You will not be bored with a fairy around!
    One more thought about trees and ‘messages’–there was a tree I once met, in a retreat farm up in the mountains of Upstate New York. It was 40 acres of mostly untouched forest around and yet there was that one tree. A little fairy told me his name was Maximilian (it was the LAST name I would ever think of, so I just accepted it as it was too odd to be anything but the trees ‘name’). I’ll write about him one of those days, but I visited him every year I volunteered or taught or visited that retreat.
    Most trees are friends. Some trees are REAL friends.


    1. I love your story of Maximilian. What a cheeky sounding fairy. The ash tree fairy does seem complex and ambiguous. Kind of elusive too. Many, many more times spent sitting under the tree are called for I think – once the weather gets warmer. Spring is very unsettled in this part of the world. We have gone back to winter today.
      It’s interesting what you say about trees as friends. When I first placed my spine against this tree (earlier this week) I was surprised by the warmth and strength yet I have not yet felt I have really connected with the tree. I read that really big old trees can be hard to connect to because they don’t really notice you. I am thinking I need to do more to honour the tree and (again) just sit under the branches more.
      It is the book “Why people can’t heal etc.” where I read about problems not being solved on the level they were created. I like your idea of attempting to do being like wallowing in a dark well. That definitely fits with some of the experiences I have had lately. Getting out of the well and seeking a higher perspective is what’s working for me.
      btw – I have read some of your book “Outlawed Hope”. My reading has slowed down even more at present so it will take me a while to read it all. I find your writing style engaging. The story is quite compelling. The world you have created is chilling. What a terrible place it would be. The idea of taking children from those who love and care for them and raising them in such an inhumane way is horrifying.

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      1. Yeah, cheeky fairies is true… Or, perhaps they just are, and we cannot measure them by human expectations. I don’t know the answer to that … 😉
        With regards to making friends with trees … I think that to the older trees who’ve been there for a long time, a day is like a breath and a person lingering by their trunk for an hour is a fleeting buzz. But … that even the most fleeting can become more noticeable when it repeats, and when it honors. Talking to trees (aloud, even, but certainly in one’s heart), singing to them, caressing leaves or branches — if it feels right, it may be right. Or, trees may just appreciate quiet company in a world where there is far too much noise. …
        Thank you for telling me you have began reading “Outlawed Hope” – not a simple reality there, no. Then again, it perhaps isn’t simple in too many places, where even in this world (and not in a story), there are places where children are given away to realities that are horrifying, just because their parents cannot care for them or the alternative is violence upon the whole family. And there were all too many times in history where children were taken from their parents to be raised in horrifying circumstances, just because those in power didn’t believe the parents ‘moral enough’ or ‘worthy’ of raising their own, or because a culture was deliberately being eradicated, or because there was a vested interest in ‘raising children into service’ and it was couched by pretense of ‘acculturating the natives’… So, alas, the well from which the story drank is one of what humans are capable of. They are also capable, however, as we know … of great compassion, resilience, tenacity and courage. May those win. Thank you, again! Love hearing what you have to say about it! Na’ama


      2. That’s true about fairies – it is a different kind of consciousness. It ties into what you say about old trees not noticing us because we come and go so quickly. Both trees and fairies have an utterly different concept of time.
        It is so sad to contemplate all the children on Earth who are suffering now (and their parents). This world as it currently operates is so injust and often cruel. I hope and pray that the light of compassion will grow stronger on this planet and all beings, children, the disabled, the old, animals, plants etc will be treated better.

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  5. Hello Suzanne! I wanted to thank you for the follow on I Write Her. I do hope you enjoy my thoughts. 🙂 I’ve done some perusing on your page as well and would like to return the favor. Your writing is very personal and filled with self-exploration. I like that!

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    1. haha – but on serious note – after the rigours of illness where that question became really pertinent – yes, yes, yes. Hard as it is I fall back on the idea that those of us who are on the Path are here for a reason – we might not always understand that reason and may get tossed around by the winds of change but for some reason we are here to shine our light. I saw a program on TV recently about Mayan Indians who are alive now. They see this time as the great cleansing before the New Earth can begin.

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