Miranda’s Mindscape

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The Medicine Woman paused as she walked across Miranda’s mindscape.  Stark was the only word she could think of to describe it.    This was not the disorganised chaos of the unexamined life rather there were large tracts of space where much of the debris of the past had been cleared through meditation, psychological explorations and spiritual practices.    A lot of baggage had been released and a great deal of inner healing had occurred.

The process was incomplete though.   Mental patterns that ran along the “I’m not good enough” vein had congealed into a dark thick stream.  Beside it the trees were stunted and struggling to grow.    Resting a hand on the trunk of one the Medicine Woman felt a current of unease.   Probing further she found the current carried fears and profound dismay concerning external events.  The world’s calamities had taken root in Miranda’s consciousness and grown into these twisted trees that emanated hopelessness.  A chill wind blew across the blighted mindscape.   The Medicine Woman sniffed the air.   It was as she suspected – miasmas of confusion and uncertainty blew every which way.

The Medicine Woman had been called to many similar mindscapes in recent times.  Although the topography varied from mindscape to mindscape the underlying themes were consistent.  It was as if the protagonist behind the mindscape had gone only so far in their spiritual develop then floundered.  Although the Medicine Woman no longer followed traditional spiritual disciplines that took years, even decades, to move its adherents into new mindscapes, she could see how the strictures and rules of those traditions worked to protect their followers from this kind of mental wasteland.

At the same time she totally understood the deep need to penetrate the Mysteries that motivated these latter day spiritual seekers to explore accelerated pathways of spiritual development.   Personally she felt many of the urges that motivated them came from the Earth itself.   The planet was convulsing from the effects of pollutants, the rampant exploitation of its resources and the uncontrolled dumping of waste.    It was crying out for help and the more sensitive humans were responding.

One process that motivated many seekers was the desire to clear and clarify their inner being.  While these processes began as instinctual urges when the participants became more adept they began to realise that by clearing their inner baggage they were opening to more expansive ways of being that subverted the old drives to exploit the planet, its animals and even other people.

While these intentions were pure the Medicine Woman reflected that sometimes the accelerated processes of inner clearing led the imbalances she was now witnessing Miranda’s mind.   The clearing had stalled somehow.

Consulting her oracular guides and her healing crystals the Medicine Woman made her diagnosis.   Somehow, by turning her back on conventional religions, Miranda had denied herself the spiritual grace that permeated the esoteric realms of many traditional faiths.  Instead the ailments of the world had massed together with her inherent lack of self worth (often, and conversely, promoted  by the lower teachings of many conventional religious faiths) to create the stark mindscape the Medicine Woman now walked through.   As a result Miranda was becoming emotionally depressed and physically sick.

Love, joy, light and hope were the remedies the Medicine Woman prescribed.   By allowing herself exposure to these qualities Miranda’s mindscape would begin to heal.  New thoughts and energies would begin to take root. Like all powerful medicines though the remedies were to be applied judiciously.   Too much too soon and the imbalance in Miranda’s mental health would become unstable, too little and the deterioration would continues.

Pausing to consider these factors the Medicine Woman wrote her script – more time in nature, less time watching the News (staying informed was helpful but obsessing about it the world’s problems wasn’t), rest, more clean water and nutritious foods were the obvious front line remedies.  Simple things like time with loved ones, listening to soothing music and relaxing watching a movie or reading a book that had a hopeful tone were all helpful too.   Beyond that things grew more subtle.  Prayer, meditation and visualization exercises that promoted a sense of well being would help but more drastic clearing techniques were contra-indicated at this stage of Miranda’s spiritual evolution.

Surveying Miranda’s mindscape once again the Medicine Woman reflected that, as an archetypal figure, all she could do was whisper her remedies into Miranda’s dreams and guide her footsteps to healing tools.   Whether or not Miranda took up the suggestions was up to her.  Perhaps the urgency of the Earth’s state would motivate her to move beyond her current desolate and stuck mindset.   At this stage of her development it was crucial that Miranda to begin disciplining her thoughts.    By becoming aware of when she was slipping into old negative thought patterns she would be in a position to develop the skills to shift her thoughts into more positive streams.  The Medicine Woman prayed that Miranda would rise to the challenge.   The Earth needed her and the legions like her.

prompt:   https://scvincent.com/2018/11/01/thursday-photo-prompt-stark-writephoto/

  photo credit:  Sue Vincent

15 thoughts on “Miranda’s Mindscape

    1. Thanks Kerfe. The medicine woman image was created by superimposing a photo of a spirit doll I created onto a photo. You are second person to comment on it so I may well blog about making spirit dolls soon. It’s the main creative work I’m doing at present.

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      1. On second thoughts I might not blog about making spirit dolls. Its a personal process that I enjoy. If you have already made dolls you may feel the same way.
        Lately I’m finding blogging isn’t really flowing for me. I’m going through a lot of changes. I like the way you paint and write poems that reflect the changes you are going through but in an oblique way. Maybe I’ll try that approach in future.


    1. Thanks Olga. The Medicine Woman is actually a spirit doll I created during the past couple of weeks. I might blog about this process in the near future for it’s the main creative work I’m doing at present. For the image I took a photo of the doll and superimposed it on a photo in Photoshop Elements Glad you got something out of my rambling post 🙂

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