A wetland walk

I’m beginning to explore my new area now.   On Sunday my daughter and I went for a walk in a wetland near her home.  The colours of the landscape were completely different from the colours I’m used to –

2018-08-26 14.38.10-01.jpeg

2018-08-26 14.44.40-01.jpeg

The grey sky was heavy with approaching rain.   It hung low in stark contrast to the vivid grasses.
2018-08-26 14.44.44-01.jpeg

Close up the colours were even more vibrant – 2018-08-26 14.46.17-01

The weather was really closing in so we had to cut short our walk –
2018-08-26 14.51.49-01

Out across the Port Phillip Bay the mountain range known as the You Yangs brooded.   I have no idea why the hills have such an odd name – something to discover on other walks further afield.
2018-08-26 15.09.55-01.jpeg
prompt:   https://restlessjo.me/2018/08/27/jos-monday-walk-osmotherley-and-beyond/







17 thoughts on “A wetland walk

    1. Yes, the weather was very wet for a quite a few days after that. Thank heavens we are finally turning the corner and getting some more spring like weather down here in southern Australia.


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