We have within us the potential to create a better world.

To find the way to that potential it is necessary to clear away centuries of accumulated negativity and victim consciousness.

For far too long we have let the elite dictate the way the game of life played.   By controlling money, through the unequal distribution of wealth, health care and education, by regulating arbitrary borders between countries, by promoting nationhood and by spreading fear they have sought to manipulate the rest of us and keep us one from the other.

The internet gives us the potential to move outside the cage of their control.   Its sprawling anarchic attributes create room for us to communicate across divides of race, class and gender.  We can share ideas freely and explore new possibilities.


Beyond the internet we all possess the potential to liberate our own minds and see beyond the narrow parameters we have been taught are the limits to consciousness.
                                 We have the potential to set ourselves free.





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