The Lake from Space

2017-11-16-21-51-43 (640x544)

A few months ago I got the urge the visit Lake Eyre, a large salt lake in the desert.   It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to see this lake in flood.   I thought this might be the year but a serious look at my bank account made me doubt that.    After much angst I realised I’d have to give up the dream for another year.

This morning I saw a digital presentation on the flow of water into the lake as seen from space over the past six months.   While there is now some water in the lake it is unlikely to fill this year after all.    Apparently the amount of water in lake is priming it to receive future flood waters.    Maybe next year will be the year…  My decision not to try and get there this year turns out to have been the right one.

Click on the link below to get the full story –

9 thoughts on “The Lake from Space

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    1. I don’t really have a bucket list. I have just wanted to go to Lake Eyre since I first heard about as a kid. When I first heard the name at school when I was about 9 or so I thought the lake was called Lake Air. The idea captured my imagination but it’s in a very remote area and I have never managed to get there. It only fills with water about once every 10 years. Now I’m getting older I’m seriously wondering if I will ever see it.


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