19 thoughts on “At the solstice

    1. It’s wild here as it is on the Southern Ocean. All open sea to Antarctica. The gales are fierce but there are some mild calm days. Yesterday was cold but not windy so I had a long beach walk. I rather like it in a bracing, rug up kind of way. Whether I last down here for much longer is still an open question. My gas heater stopped working last night and I am waiting till 9am to report it to the agent. We shall see what happens next…


  1. Here’s hoping your heating gets fixed sooner rather than later. There’s nothing like watching a wave come in that’s been travelling for thousands of kilometers without touching land. 😀


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  3. I enjoy your verse. I may have seen some whales… but I remember seeing dolphin off the Florida coast down by the Keys.

    We live on a unique planet that allows for diversity of life. Now if only the humans could treasure all of it?…

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