At dawn

At dawn Eisa entered the portal of the east and traveled toward the rising sun.  A soft breeze blew and the sky was lit to radiant hues of red and gold.   He knew he must travel fast for the illumination he sought could only be found in the first hours of the day when the world was still awakening.

As long fingers of light crept over the land he slipped easily between the veils and entered the spirit worlds.   Here he knew he must be careful for one mis-step could lead him into the demon realms.   Using all the tools he had learned on his long years of spiritual training he called in his Allies and protective shields.

Raj, the golden cougar appeared beside him.   Quickly he straddled the tawny back and whispered his intention to the animal.  Raj turned and padded purposefully in a north easterly direction.

The air grew warmer as a desert landscape came into focus.   On a rocky ridge Eisa saw a woman seated on the ground.   He had the feeling she’d been there a long time and would remain there long after he’d gone.


Slipping off Raj he approached her on foot.   The woman acknowledged his presence with a slight tilt of her head.   “What do you want?” she asked in a soft, deep monotone.

“I seek illumination,” Eisa replied.  “I  am not longer sure  how to live my life.   All around me the old ways are crumbling.  The institutions that ran our world –  the banks, the churches and the governments are being revealed to be flawed and corrupt.   At the same time they are tightening their controls.   The climate is going haywire and the Antarctic ice shelf is breaking up much faster than anyone anticipated.   People are freaking out.   Many are giving up.    I don’t know who to trust or what to do.     Sometimes I think this is the end of the world.”

“It is,” said the woman bluntly.   “The old world is dying.   The power plays you are seeing are merely the old guard’s attempts to keep control.     It’s true climate change is gathering force but there are ways you learn to live within the chaos.  New and creative social forces are gaining strength now.  The New Earth is beginning to emerge but you must nurture it in your own heart, mind and body.   Turn away from the fear and centre yourself.   Go to the natural places and connect to the Earth on as deep a level as you can.   There you will find the support and strength you need.”

As she spoke the rocks around her glowed a deep intense red.   Beneath his feet Eisa could feel the pulsating power of the living Earth rising up into his body.   When it reached his solar plexus he felt the warm glow flow out through his entire being.  The fears and confusion that had bought him to this place melted away and he felt whole and nourished.

The sun’s heat grew in intensity as it rose higher in the sky.  Eisa blinked as the light shone directly into his eyes.   Immediately the vision faded and he saw before him his breakfast table.   The sun had just crested the neighbour’s roof and shone directly into his room.  He picked up his coffee and sipped.   The liquid was still warm.  As it slipped down his throat Eisa slowly returned to his body, the feeling of being connected to the Earth still vibrating deep within him.


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