Finding my way

I started thinking about this post days ago when I read the prompt on   I had a busy week and think I’ve left it too late to link to that challenge but here’s my response –

Lately I’ve been seeing possible pathways I could follow:-

Sometimes I see through rose coloured glasses –DSCF9370-01_1528197064270

Sometimes I see too many options and get stymied trying to decide just which is the right path to follow-


I recently came across a quote by the author Carlos Castaneda where he asks –
“Does this path have a heart?   If it does then it is a good path.   If it doesn’t then it is of no use.”

Looking at it that way the options narrow –


8 thoughts on “Finding my way

  1. Wow, these are amazing, thank you.

    The prompt seemed to confuse a lot of people, (my fault for not explaining it, probably) but it resulted it some excellent photos, which is the whole point so I’m glad you took part.

    Liked by 1 person

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