Finding freedom

When I was young, maybe four or five, I climbed over the back fence and escaped into the bush.   My mum was busy with the babies and didn’t notice.

I walked alone beside a shallow creek.   Tall gums stretched their smooth white trunks up out of the ochre coloured earth into a cobalt sky.  The edges of the olive green leaves were tinged red.   I looked down into the creek and saw  pebbles shining red, green, white and ochre beneath water tinged blue by the sky.    I’d been raised a God fearing child and remember to this day how clearly I thought – “This is God”.

I stayed by the creek awhile then scrambled back over the fence.   My mum was still busy with the babies and hadn’t noticed my absence.

It was, perhaps, the purest moment of freedom I have ever known but still, to this day, I sometimes find God in nature.

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34 thoughts on “Finding freedom

  1. Interesting how a strong, emotional experience at a tender age still stays with us after all those years. I also have a few, some not so positive, like moving at the age of four. I’m crying on the train, waving good-bye to the only home I’ve known and the sky is crying with me. Still remember the raindrops descending on the window. On a positive note, I also remember a walk along the shoreline of a lake next to us at our new home and feeling that freedom of exploration in nature, but then a flood came soon after and my dad had to move our house to a safer spot. No more water wonderland. Maybe that’s why I craved stability most of my adult life, no matter what, and made some bad choices. Thanks for sparking some memories. 🙂

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