The end of autumn

Autumn came and went down here  with barely a flush of colour.    Our summer was long and hot and it wasn’t until mid May that the weather finally broke.   The few autumn trees planted in parks and gardens put on a quick show then, as the storms raged from the Southern Ocean, they blew off just as quickly.

The autumn cold comes earlier inland and lasts for longer.   I’d been wanting to get out the Botanic Gardens in a small country town about an hour’s drive inland to see the autumn colour but I didn’t make it until last Sunday afternoon.

I was almost too late.   The full flush of autumn had passed and many of the trees were already bare.


The gardens were created in the 1990s to take advantage of the 250,000 gallons of water that bubbles up from a natural spring every day.    The water is collected into a holding pond then channeled into a free flowing stream that feeds two large lakes.

The vibrant autumn foliage and the sound of running water are in such marked contrast to the dry grasslands of the surrounding plains I felt I had stepped into another part of the world.

Most of the tree species are unfamiliar to me and some appear to be growing in the water.  Visiting so late in the season most of the foliage was in the water too!


One side of the gardens terminates in a narrow road way which is flanked by a row of private houses – no doubt the prime real estate location in town.

DSC_0610 - Copy.JPG

The gardens are quite small and once I’d wandered along the length of the stream there was nothing to do but return back the way I’d come.

It was definitely autumn’s last hooray.    DSC_0562

I wonder what the gardens will look like in spring…

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14 thoughts on “The end of autumn

  1. Lovely images for the end of autumn. Water and blue skies always bring out the wonders of nature. In my part of the world, I totally missed spring. Actually there was hardly a spring, just instant summer. When the bit of spring happened, I had an injury and wasn’t able to take photographs. Maybe next cycle. 🙂


    1. The weather certainly is crazy. At least now you must be getting some beautiful warmth. It’s really starting to chill off over here now. I daydream about heading north to the sun but will probably stay put for most the winter. I hope you are fully recovered from your injury.

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    1. Thanks Jo. That’s interesting that the photos didn’t look so good on a phone. I don’t use the phone for the internet so don’t know how things would look in that medium.


  2. A beautiful post. You photography has a unique feel – photos could only have been created by you.

    Where are these gardens? I’ll be driving back from Adelaide at the end of August and I’m beginning to think about possible routes.

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    1. Thanks Meg. What a nice comment. Yes you could see this gardens coming back from Adelaide. They are near the Hamilton Highway at Penshurst in Victoria. The end of August would still be wintery but there might be some early blossom.


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