Going to the country

While I can easily jump in my car and drive through farmland I rarely, if ever, reach the countryside of my dreams.


Mostly I drive to some fixed destination where I can go for walks along pathways ordained by some authority or another.   These destinations are either bushland reserves, coastal parks or Botanic Gardens.   While these places inspire and nourish me I never actually get to where I can amble, carefree and untrammeled, through drifts of wildflowers.

The countryside remains a dreamlike place constructed from novels I have read and images I have seen.

Landscape as a construct (2) -1



prompt:   https://obzervashunal.com/2018/05/28/klee-and-dales-cosmic-photo-challenge-in-the-country/


16 thoughts on “Going to the country

    1. It’s elusive. Mostly these days it’s over a fence or behind a wall. 🙂 I still find wild places but I don’t really think of them as countryside – more wilderness or bush. How about you? Are there wild places where you live?

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      1. Not here on the island, but there’s old growth forests and waterfalls and moss-covered rocks and green lakes scattered all around. I don’t get out to them as much as I’d like, but as often as I can. 🙂

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  1. Those images are wonderful – especially the second one superimposed with or on text. Your comment about always walking on authorised paths is so metaphorically resonant. I’ve only only rarely gone beyond mandated tracks, mainly in the phase when our weekends involved J saying “Let’s drop over the edge here”, and down we’d go, maybe following brief stretches of animal track, into a rainforest patch – tree ferns and thick vines and dim light and orchids and fungi and spaciousness. Thank you for provoking the memories and making me realise how very rare and special these times were.

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    1. Yes it is wonderful when you can get off the beaten paths. I still do it sometimes in Tower Hill but the places where you can escape like seem to be getting harder to find. They are indeed extra special.


  2. Like Meg, I love that second image….I have been intending (for several years!) to layer text over images, it adds another dimension. Actually, I think I might have done it once! As to finding the wild places, you really have to go off the beaten track, and with our agricultural policies here, certainly, the wild flowers just aren’t there as they used to be.

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