The Fallen Temple

The stones of the temple of Aphrodite in Turkey have fallen.  Although they lie in piles upon the ground the presence of the temple still resonates.

Archeological evidence indicates that this site was one of the places where early people first settled and began to farm the land.  Excavations have uncovered representations of Ashtar, the Mother Goddess of the ancient Babylonians – the archetypal goddess of fertility, abundance, love and beauty.    The Greeks arrived in the first century BC and adopted the site.  They also changed the name of the Goddess to Aphrodite.  Later still a Byzantine Christian Church was built on the site.  Now it too lies in ruins.


I was alone when I went to the temple of Aphrodite.   A gentle breeze cooled the heat of the sun, bees buzzed and the scent of flowers filled the air.  In the clear light of early afternoon I walked to the centre of the temple ruins.   There the atmosphere was so highly charged I stumbled.   For a moment it seemed I could slip out of my 21st century life into another timeline where the temple stood intact and vestal virgins walked.  Even now the Goddess walks among these ancient stones.



2 thoughts on “The Fallen Temple

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