What if? #writephoto

  photo credit:  https://scvincent.com/2018/05/03/thursday-photo-prompt-ascent-writephoto/

What if the light at the top of the stairs is the light of new consciousness illuminating our hearts and minds in these turbulent times?

What if the darkness at the bottom of the stairs is the darkness of our unconscious thought patterns that continue to think within the limits of old paradigms that are increasingly proving to be unsustainable and exploitative?  These ways of being are often based on egoistic desires for personal power.   What if we concentrated the immense power and brilliance of combined human thought on ways that create new ways of living?


What if, when dark thoughts arise, we see them as the old patterns being revealed so that we can heal and release them?  What if we turn our face our fears and no longer let them control us?

What if, instead of giving our power away to old authorities who continue to exploit and manipulate us, we unite? What if we find ways to collectively move towards the light of illuminated consciousness and work together to create a new earth based on ecological and egalitarian practices that respect the Earth we live on and the rights of all to live with dignity?


 What if, instead of focusing on the dark,we look to the light? 

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