Rainbow notes

Chevrefeuille of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai has posted two haiku by Sōen Nakagawa (1907 – 1984) – a monk who has had a major influence on contemporary interpretations of Zen Buddhist – for inspiration and revision.
one note of the shakuhachi
resounds endlessly
piercing the winter clouds 


snow on mountain peak
unfurls a Rainbow

© Soen Nakagawa (1907-1984)

Here’s my response –

rising cadence
church bells over the town
punctuate time


breaking waves 
sunlight on the spume
making a rainbow


17 thoughts on “Rainbow notes

  1. I love these, Suzanne. I love taking inspiration from other poets and writers and following their lead in creating something fresh. I love the first one especially, with the cadence (what a great word!) of the church bells punctuating time. I sheepishly admit I had to look up the word spume; once I did I loved the image. In your picture, it’s as if the clouds are the spume. Interesting and beautifully written. 🙂


    1. Suzanne

      Thanks Cathy. I like the first haiku the best too. I wrote it in my mind just after hearing the bells when I sitting in my garden yesterday. The other one was written about a day at the beach last summer. I beginning to discover that the haiku I write while immersed in the experience are the strongest.
      It’s good to know you write poetry too. I hope you up coming travels bring you much inspiration.


      1. I think the immediacy helps to enrich the poem, Suzanne, although I loved both of them. By the way, do you mind if I link your beautiful haiku post to my first poetry invitation due to post this Friday and the first Friday of each month? I’d love to include it. Let me know. I’m going to just go ahead and link it and if you don’t want me to, I can simply remove it before it posts. Thanks!


    1. Suzanne

      Thanks Chevrefeuille. I’m glad you like the first one. I hear those church bells quite often and have been wanting to write a haiku about them for some time. Thank you for the inspiration.


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