WordPress Photo Challenge – Profilic

I am slightly obsessed with black wattle seed pods at present.   There is a particular place in the bush where the ground is littered with them at this time of the year.


I keep trying to take the one definitive photo that will express what I find so fascinating about the shapes and colours of these seed pods and the accidental patterns they form as they congregate in drifts against fallen branches and sun bleached tufts of grass.  I am yet to achieve that one photo but have plenty of not-quite-but-almost attempts.


The last time I was there I collected a bulging pocket full of seed pods that are now drying out on my work table.   I’m hoping they find their way into some kind of collage.

I’m going away for a few days later today.   I will not have my computer with me so won’t be able to reply to your comments until mid next week.   Talk to you then…


prompt:  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/prolific/


10 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge – Profilic

      1. Suzanne

        No, I am still blogging. I did change the URL and some followers seem to have disappeared. Here’s the new URL beinginnatureblog.wordpress.com
        I spent a week with family so didn’t blog then. I’m back home now and will start blogging again soon. Glad you having a good time in Warsaw.


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