A matter of perception

On many of the beaches around here the sand is composed of large coarse orange grains. This orange sand seems to somehow affect the colour of the water next to it for the sea often appears to be aqua.   At other times it can look green or even turquoise.     As to whether the water in the photo below is aqua or turquoise I’m not entirely sure.


In other places along the coast the sand is made up of smoother, whiter grains.   On sunny days the sea and sky stretch on and on in dreamy shades of azure.

001 (1)

But, more often than not and regardless of sand colours, aqua and azure waters  lie side by side.




prompt:   https://pixtowords.com/2018/04/08/aqua-and-azure-pic-and-a-word-challenge-134/



19 thoughts on “A matter of perception

      1. No you hadn’t. I didn’t live here then. At that time I was living in NSW near Byron Bay. Warrnambool would have been a small place in 1995. It’s grown a bit since then I think. Not sure Portland has grown all that much though. I rarely get over that way.


      2. You are a very well travelled man. I was last in Byron in 2012 – it is still a small town but FULL of international tourists, coffee shops, apartment blocks and multi million Dollar homes near the water. I prefer the earlier version.

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      3. Me too! I was back there in 2009 and it had been transformed to backpacker’s purgatory. Not as bad as Airlie Beach, which I also visited in both 1994 and 2009. But practically overrun with tourists and the amenities they need.

        <smile> I spent 8 months in Australia during 1994 and 1995. Most of it driving. QLD, NSW, NT, VIC, SA, WA — well, Perth by air.

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