At the Caves #writephoto


Black wattle and native grasses whisper together as I arrive at the caves. Australian ravens fly past with heavy wing beats, the only sound in this silent land. The hand of man has barely brushed this place.

I follow a rough track to a place where the surface of the earth suddenly yawns open in the black gaping maws of lava tube caves.   Suddenly I am aware that the land beneath my feet is riddled with voids and empty channels.

A raw creative energy is encoded in the stratified rock walls – the powerful forces that created the Earth  are writ large.   I can easily imagine surging, spitting, molten lava pouring across the land some 30,000 years ago then cooling to form the caves.

The ground I stand on is both dense and porous and I have a sense of the planet as a living organism.

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12 thoughts on “At the Caves #writephoto

  1. I grew up not to far from Jenolan Caves and I remember a primary school excursion to them. The bus journey along a narrow winding road through the mountains. The arch the road passed through, and then the caves. It was the first time I experienced that wonderful combination of exhilaration and terror and awe, and ‘coming home’ that I always feel when going into the Earth. 🙂

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    1. Suzanne

      Caving is not one of my favourite activities. The images I used here are from very small lava tube caves where you are never far from the entrance. Going to Jenolan Caves as a child would be a very formative experience.

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