Blog Changes

2018-03-31-20-38-05This blog is in the process of changing.   The previous name and format no longer suit me.   I’m not entirely sure this new format does either but it’s a place to start.  I will be changing the URL over the coming week and will set it up so that followers are automatically redirected to the new site.   Other changes will also happen as I clarify my ideas as to my new direction.

Thanks very much for your patience.



8 thoughts on “Blog Changes

  1. We’e just had out first soft sunny spring day, which has just a hint of a promise that She’ll stick around this time … and I thought as I read your post, ‘Well, it is the season for change’ … and then I caught up with myself and thought, ‘Perhaps Autumn is too.’ 🙂

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    1. I was commenting to a friend this afternoon about how lovely the autumn light is here. It’s very mellow and everything is slowly changing. The autumn trees are turning red and gold and in the bush the grasses are a soft white. I think it’s my favourite season.

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      1. The only season that I’m consistently underwhelmed by is Summer … too hot … and I spent 42 of ’em in OZ before I came to my senses and moved here to Canada. 🙂 … there were other considerations too, of course, but being closer to the arctic circle than the equator was a biggie. 🙂


      2. Yes I find summer in much of Australia too hot. That’s why I live way down here beside the Southern Ocean. I tried living in northern NSW but the humidity drove me south.

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