DSCF8587It’s been a weekend of festivals here.  Wandering around them my life became a series of moments all connected by noise, crowds and a blazing hot sun –

a bit of African drumming
some Thai dancing
a Moroccan flute
then a talk about fungi
and an icecream

a Japanese fashion designer
describing his tailoring
– all angles and pleats –

Crystals at the hippy market
glittering in the sun
– lacy dreamcatchers tossing about
in the hot, gusty wind
snatches of conversation blowing past
– “I fly out on Tuesday”

An Aussie surf carnival
– men in funny red and yellow hats –
Some satay
then a long, convoluted competition
– dogs herding sheep.

Filippino folk dancing
and a middle aged man lying on the ground
stoking the grass
“They have really good grass here”
he says to his wife.




11 thoughts on “Moments

    1. Suzanne

      It was – there were festivals everywhere. Some only saw briefly in passing but I spent quite a lot of time at others. Your challenge was very timely for I was feeling a bit fragmented this morning. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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