Drifting into autumn

The weather down here is beautiful at present.  In the early mornings and evenings there is a touch a autumn in the air but the wind has eased and the days are warm and sunny.

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This weekend is a long weekend.   For the last 30 years or so a local town has hosted a folk festival.   It’s a big international event and the town population swells from around 3,000 to 20,000-25,000.   Already the highway is busy with mobile homes and vehicles packed to the hilt with camping gear.  http://www.portfairyfolkfestival.com/

Outside the main event is a free fringe festival.  Market stalls sprawl through town and there are  various sound stages where you can sit and enjoy free live music.  I’m planning to go and spend Saturday there.

On Sunday there is a festival to celebrate the Thai New Year beside a lake right here in town.  There are lots of events planned including a Buddhist Blessing of the Water, Thai dancing, sword fighting and Thai food stalls.  I’ll definitely go and see what’s happening.

Before the weekend I have jobs to do round home  – nothing stressful though which makes a nice change after the past few months.    Life has an easy, flowing feel to it right now.    I haven’t forgotten about my dream of going to the desert that I wrote about here  I’ve been doing some research and have discovered tours out there are insanely expensive but there are lots of low cost options available.    I can even drive to many places I want to go without leaving the bitumen.   I’m still not sure whether there will be water in Lake Eyre this year.   One report I read said that rainfall levels have been exceptionally low over the summer.   It is still raining further to the north though so water might filter down to the lake in a few months.   The tourist flights over the lake start at $300 for an hour’s journey.

Regardless of cost it is all a very long way from where I live and I’d need to plan an adventure out there carefully.  May and September are apparently the best months to go – it’s neither too hot or cold then.    Ideas are bubbling away in the back of mind but for now I’m enjoying the drift into autumn.

time out 2

prompt:  https://colleenchesebro.com/2018/03/06/colleens-weekly-tanka-tuesday-poetry-challenge-no-74-renew-fresh-snyonymsonly/




10 thoughts on “Drifting into autumn

  1. I love this Suzanne. I am Theravadan (Thai) Buddhist! I helped my husband raise his two half-Thai daughters. Your Haiku is fabulous too. I have to remember that our seasons are on opposite ends as you are in Australia. I love it! ❤


    1. Suzanne

      Thanks for letting me know that Thai Buddhism is Threvadan. I enjoyed visiting Thai temples in Bangkok but don’t really know much about Thai Buddhism. I’m really looking forward to be Thai New Year celebrations on Sunday.


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