A few years ago I published a sci fi novel online.  The main male character was called Raven.

I sold a couple of hundred copies of the book then interest in it waned and I eventually removed it from Kindle.

The book ended with a cliff hanger.   Many people told me they would like to know what happened next.   Lately I’ve been wondering the same thing myself.    Sometimes it seems to me that the original book I published is actually a rough draft that needs to be rewritten and bought to conclusion.

In whatever netherland it is that characters of lesser known novels reside in Raven is getting restless.    Perhaps soon he’ll begin to present the next chapter of his story to me and a new book will emerge.

prompt:   Frank Tassone challenge – raven

17 thoughts on “Raven

  1. I started feeling very excited as I read of your inkling to get back to this work. Recognising the original as a first draft is a huge leap forward, isn’t it. So what are you waiting for. Go to it!


    1. Suzanne

      Thanks for your enthusiastic support Tish. I have started making notes but am still hesitant somehow. Your question – what are you waiting for? has set me wondering the same thing. It feels like time to spend a few days unraveling the answer in some kind of Julia Cameron “The Writer’s Way” type self analysis. Why do we fall into procrastination? How do you shift that energy? …

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      1. Those last are the biggest questions, Suzanne. Is our subconscious programming simply trying to protect us? If we don’t let ourselves create, then we/our work cannot be judged. It’s a beastly bind. I must get Julia Cameron down from the shelf.

        There could be another reason for delay, though. There’s some aspect of the work that you are not sufficiently clear about. You could start by asking that question. ‘What is it that I’m not clear about?’


      2. Suzanne

        Both good answers Tish. Yes there is a lot of the project I’m not clear about. It’s a major undertaking. I think what’s holding me back a lot is the knowing that to find those answers I have to do loads of research and enter ‘the world of the book’. You probably know what I’m talking about – that total immersion in another reality can make life in this one quite surreal sometimes.
        As to the first part of your answer – yes that’s always an issue. I find Julia Cameron dated these days but some of her techniques are still useful.
        One thing I did find yesterday was that I have too many unfinished projects floating around. I need to either finish them or decide to not do them. I think I’ll keep taking notes in a half hearted way till after I move then do the immersion bit. 🙂
        Thanks for reading my ramblings here. It is helping me focus.

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      3. Don’t know if this will help, but I figured out that ONE reason for procrastination, for me, was ‘too many choices’ when I turn up for ‘work’. It’s like being at a crossroads with many roads off, on a journey into unknown terrain with no known destination. I’ve had to learn to accept that I can’t take all the roads! 🙂


      4. Suzanne

        That’s an excellent plan. After dithering about for a few days with projects that don’t really need doing anyway I’m realizing focus, discipline and commitment are are essential part of the creative process.

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