Natural magic

(photo credit.  S. Vincent)

The tour bus was due to leave.  Kyra toyed with the idea of doing her version of that movie where a woman bought a house in Tuscany as the tour bus tootled off behind her.   Perhaps she could buy this rundown cottage on the edge of the wilds, fix it up, get wonderful friends and have mystical adventures exploring the country around the ancient standing stones and the distant  mountains to the north.

Of course she wouldn’t.   There was the matter of visas for a start. Taking one last holiday snap she boarded the bus and rolled off out of the frame.

“That was close,” said the house gnome to the garden gnome.  “We nearly had some deluded foreigner trying to put her stamp on this place.”

“That’s the third one this week,” the garden gnome sighed.   “I like this place how it is.  Perhaps we could ask the wind and the nature spirits to do a bit of work here.   You know – nothing too dramatic – just tweaking the porch timbers so they hang down and breaking a few mullion windows”.

“It might come to that,” the house gnome agreed as the pair settled down to watch the light show that was the sunset.

Long fingers of golden light played across the snowy ridge tops of the mountains.  Delicate pinks and creams swirled in the clouds above the peaks.   Down by the Standing Stones ancient Earth elementals stirred.   The fantasies of the woman and the petty grumblings of the gnomes had penetrated their sleep of millennia.  Deep within their souls they knew the time of their re-emerging was near.    As the last light faded the greater landscape Deva opened her eyes.   The pain of old Earth with its polluted atmosphere and soils weighed heavily on her mind yet she too knew that something new was growing.    She also knew that the rundown cottage would soon sell.   An artist couple would buy it and bring new energy to the place.   Those fusty old gnomes would have to adapt.  Just to make sure the artist couple fell in love with the place the Deva whispered in the ears of the nature spirits and encouraged them to spread their magic.   Across the overgrown garden flower heads began to form as she asked the wind to play gently with the trees when the next tour bus arrived.

The wind happily agreed for it too knew that the entire valley and the mountains beyond were part of a much greater reality – an energetic grid that wove beneath the surface uniting sacred sites across the globe. That grid had been shifting and changing in recent years and the energetic leylines that passed through the Standing Stones were beginning to glow again.   The time of the ancient prophecies was fast approaching and the New Earth energies were building.   Healers, seers, dreamers and creatives were all carrying seeds of it and their awareness was developing more every day.

DSCN9290_20160310111753400  (haiga originally published on a previous blog)

11 thoughts on “Natural magic

      1. Suzanne

        I’m trying to find a way to write about nature and spirituality that appeals to other people. I guess I wasn’t sure if this approach would work.


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