A while ago I bought myself my first DSLR camera.   Up until now I have used digital point-and-shoot cameras.   My first attempts with the DSLR were utterly hit and miss.  One photo would work and the next would be completely out of focus.  My close-up shots were generally better than the distance shots I was taking and I’m slowly getting better at these.

I’m beginning to get more shots that are actually in focus –

and I’m starting to think I might eventually be able to take the kind of close up shots I want –

My distance shots with the new camera work ok and the focus is nice and crisp but, more often than not, I’m finding the photos themselves are uninteresting.


I find them much more interesting when I play around with them on the computer –

Maybe that’s because what I’m focusing on in my life is changing a great deal at present and I want to create images that somehow reflect that.   Things that used to seem really important no longer matter so much to me.  A lot of old ways of thinking and being are falling away but, as yet, I’m not entirely clear as to just what replaces them.    While I feel a lot lighter and clearer than I have for a very long time I’m a bit hazy as to the details of just what the future holds.








At dawn

At dawn Eisa entered the portal of the east and traveled toward the rising sun.  A soft breeze blew and the sky was lit to radiant hues of red and gold.   He knew he must travel fast for the illumination he sought could only be found in the first hours of the day when the world was still awakening.

As long fingers of light crept over the land he slipped easily between the veils and entered the spirit worlds.   Here he knew he must be careful for one mis-step could lead him into the demon realms.   Using all the tools he had learned on his long years of spiritual training he called in his Allies and protective shields.

Raj, the golden cougar appeared beside him.   Quickly he straddled the tawny back and whispered his intention to the animal.  Raj turned and padded purposefully in a north easterly direction.

The air grew warmer as a desert landscape came into focus.   On a rocky ridge Eisa saw a woman seated on the ground.   He had the feeling she’d been there a long time and would remain there long after he’d gone.


Slipping off Raj he approached her on foot.   The woman acknowledged his presence with a slight tilt of her head.   “What do you want?” she asked in a soft, deep monotone.

“I seek illumination,” Eisa replied.  “I  am not longer sure  how to live my life.   All around me the old ways are crumbling.  The institutions that ran our world –  the banks, the churches and the governments are being revealed to be flawed and corrupt.   At the same time they are tightening their controls.   The climate is going haywire and the Antarctic ice shelf is breaking up much faster than anyone anticipated.   People are freaking out.   Many are giving up.    I don’t know who to trust or what to do.     Sometimes I think this is the end of the world.”

“It is,” said the woman bluntly.   “The old world is dying.   The power plays you are seeing are merely the old guard’s attempts to keep control.     It’s true climate change is gathering force but there are ways you learn to live within the chaos.  New and creative social forces are gaining strength now.  The New Earth is beginning to emerge but you must nurture it in your own heart, mind and body.   Turn away from the fear and centre yourself.   Go to the natural places and connect to the Earth on as deep a level as you can.   There you will find the support and strength you need.”

As she spoke the rocks around her glowed a deep intense red.   Beneath his feet Eisa could feel the pulsating power of the living Earth rising up into his body.   When it reached his solar plexus he felt the warm glow flow out through his entire being.  The fears and confusion that had bought him to this place melted away and he felt whole and nourished.

The sun’s heat grew in intensity as it rose higher in the sky.  Eisa blinked as the light shone directly into his eyes.   Immediately the vision faded and he saw before him his breakfast table.   The sun had just crested the neighbour’s roof and shone directly into his room.  He picked up his coffee and sipped.   The liquid was still warm.  As it slipped down his throat Eisa slowly returned to his body, the feeling of being connected to the Earth still vibrating deep within him.


More rain

Last night I tried to write of the rain but wrote instead of how my shoes could not withstand it.

Tonight I want to write of the rain and how it comes in ice white sheets that shroud the streets.   More  rain than I’ve seen before in these parts.   The temperature is colder than usual too.

We, the people of the town, live inside this wall of water.   Today in a cafe the warm woody interior sheltered chattering crowds and others who sat alone.   A solitary girl wrote avidly in a journal.   A young man in a beanie smiled benignly into the middle distance where no-one sat.

Later, at dusk, my friend and I sheltered under an awning waiting for her partner.  The street lights pooled liquid gold onto the rain soaked streets and I wondered if the rain would ever stop.

Melting icebergs
evaporating to rain
-life goes on


Finding my way

I started thinking about this post days ago when I read the prompt on   I had a busy week and think I’ve left it too late to link to that challenge but here’s my response –

Lately I’ve been seeing possible pathways I could follow:-

Sometimes I see through rose coloured glasses –DSCF9370-01_1528197064270

Sometimes I see too many options and get stymied trying to decide just which is the right path to follow-


I recently came across a quote by the author Carlos Castaneda where he asks –
“Does this path have a heart?   If it does then it is a good path.   If it doesn’t then it is of no use.”

Looking at it that way the options narrow –


Rainy Day Blues

I need new shoes.   It has rained so heavily the last few days I’ve discovered all my flimsy summer shoes leak.  Contrary to the popular idea that all women love shoes I’m not particularly fond of footwear.  I’d rather go barefoot for my feet are weird, ungainly things that don’t squash readily into your average shoe.  As a result my favourite shoes are trainers, preferably of the old Converse variety.

All this is fine in the hot Australian summers but when the winter rains sweep across this windswept town perched on the edge of the Southern Ocean my footwear just isn’t up to the job.  Right now I’m house bound as a line of shoes dry out beside the heater.   Outside the rain just keeps on coming.



Finding freedom

When I was young, maybe four or five, I climbed over the back fence and escaped into the bush.   My mum was busy with the babies and didn’t notice.

I walked alone beside a shallow creek.   Tall gums stretched their smooth white trunks up out of the ochre coloured earth into a cobalt sky.  The edges of the olive green leaves were tinged red.   I looked down into the creek and saw  pebbles shining red, green, white and ochre beneath water tinged blue by the sky.    I’d been raised a God fearing child and remember to this day how clearly I thought – “This is God”.

I stayed by the creek awhile then scrambled back over the fence.   My mum was still busy with the babies and hadn’t noticed my absence.

It was, perhaps, the purest moment of freedom I have ever known but still, to this day, I sometimes find God in nature.

DSCN8555 (1)



Where the wild things are

One place where I often see wild animals is the bush reserve near where I live.

floating world

When I walk along the tracks and animals trails where tourists rarely go I sometimes koalas and kangaroos quietly going about their lives.


Over 200 species of bird visit the reserve at different times of the year.   Black swans can often be seen –

Suzanne Miller - photographic collage - dimensions variable